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Hunting base of Verhnie Mandrogi is located 300 km from Saint-Petersburg (Podporozhsky area Leningrad region).

The base of private owner is on the bank of Svir and occupies the territory of 300 hectare. It consists of a few houses for accommodation and 2 hotels with all conveniences in each room. You will get the restaurant food, the menu is rich. On the base there are some additional entertainments horse-riding, snow-mobiles, visiting the museum of vodka and handicraft, etc.

Every day from May, 10 to October, 5—10 about 2—5 ships with tourists come for 3—5 hours. However in autumn there are fewer of them and you can meet tourists from ships only in the afternoon. From April, 25 to May, 5 you can hunt on wood-grouse, black-cock, from August, 25 to September, 25 on bear, elk and from August, 20 to February, 28 on birds, from October,1 to mid of November on hare and in November-December on elk. In summer fishing on pike from boat and on bream is possible.