Hunting base near Olonets is 280 km from Saint-Petersburg.

Simple house

Press a photo for its increase Olonets, Simple house (Photo No. 1) Olonets, Simple house (Photo No. 2) Olonets, Simple house (Photo No. 3) Olonets, Simple house (Photo No. 4)

The house is located on the coast of lake Ladoga with electricity from generator. The toilet is outside. The bath-house is on the coast of the lake. The house consists of 2 stove-heated rooms (3 beds are in one room, the other one is dining-room with a sofa) and 2 unheated rooms with 2 beds in each. There is a house for staff with a kitchen. Food is simple of high quality. In spring (May, 1—10) you can hunt on duck, woodcock, wood-grouse, black-cock and goose, flying low over trees. In autumn (August, 20 to February, 28) you can hunt on bear, duck, birds, in September 1—3 — on elk during chasing.

Small hotel

Press a photo for its increase Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 1) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 2) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 3) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 4) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 5) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 6) Olonets, Small hotel (Photo No. 7)

Living in the hotel with all conveniences and food on menu in the town of Olonets is possible. There are single, double and three-bed rooms with toilet and shower. Hunting period and kinds are the same.