Elk hunting

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The region: in Karelia (Petrozavodsk region 550—680 km from Saint-Petersburg, Kakevala — 1000 km from Saint-Petersburg or 150 km from Finland).

The Hunting period: 5th September to 27th September (best time 10—20th September). The number of hunters: 1—2 in group on. Hunting from/ to Petrozavodsk — 8 days (6—7 days hunting).

Condition: good wood house, toilet, shower-baths are outside house (contemporary, good condition), nutrition (meal) — qualified.

Cost — service 1500—1800 € (depends on quantity of hunters and places in region), and if you wont possibility hunt capercaillie (wood-grouse) — 200 € and black-cock — 100 € on bear. One more (padding) day of hunting — 160 € from the person. The alcohol and cigarettes are not included. Elk — 1500 €.

Gross error on shot elk — 70% from the minimum cost. Fallow elk: 80% of the minimum coast ( wound and not a mining -80 % from the minimum cost). Wound and mining of an injured beast by conductors — cost of a trophy + 200 € (extra). The alcohol and cigarettes are not included.